The History of St. Etheldreda with St. Clement, Fulham

Above: Clearing up St. Etheldreda, 1950

St. Ethledreda


1945 - 1950: Under the care of St. Clements

St Clement's had been founded in 1886, and, indeed, part of its parish had been transferred to St Etheldreda's in 1902. Fr Young had been Vicar since 1932. He was appointed priest-in-charge of St Etheldreda's under Fr Kemp in 1941 and remained so until 1950. When the hall was de-requisitioned in 1945, he ran a series of Lent evening services there. The 27th Fulham Scouts occupied the hall as their headquarters. One of the curates at St Clement's moved into St Etheldreda's Vicarage. In 1947, the PCC met again to consider fresh proposals from the Reorganisation Committee, but nothing was done. In 1949, the Borough of Fulham proposed to acquire compulsorily the whole site for housing. This was opposed by the PCC, and independently by the local Ratepayers' Association. It also galvanised the Bishop and Reorganisation Committee into action, which adopted the PCC’s suggestions of 1945, adding a link with All Saints’, which the Council opposed.      Matters moved swiftly in1950 (see below). Fr Young remained at St Clement's until retiring in 1964.

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