The History of St. Etheldreda with St. Clement, Fulham

Above: St. George's Day Parade 1932

St. Ethledreda


1928 - 1938: Uniformed Organisations

The Revd Leonard Spiller arrived just before Christmas. He had a great interest in uniformed organisations and in 1929 re-started the scouts, which had closed in 1917 following the departure of the Revd E.E. Prescott, as the 27th Fulham, and reviving the Guide Company, the 7th Fulham. He was also greatly concerned about the acoustics of the building and carried out a scheme for shortening the chancel with a false wall. Another plan was to extend the parish hall but this could not be carried out for lack of funds. In May, 1938 Fr Spiller was preferred to St Martin's, West Acton, where he died suddenly in November, 1952.

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