The History of St. Etheldreda with St. Clement, Fulham

Above: Original St. Etheldreda circa 1905

St. Ethledreda


Diocesan Home Missioner, 1894-1897, Laundry, Housetop & Mission Hall

The rapid growth of housing in Fulham from the 1860s had already seen new parishes and districts established at St Andrew's, St Peter's, St Clement's, St Matthew's and St Dionis. In the 1890’s, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners released the Bishop's Park area for development, and Bishop Temple appointed John Sadler Phillips to be London Diocesan Home Missioner for a district carved out of St Peter's and All Saints' parishes. Dr. Muriel, Vicar of All Saints, named it for St Etheldreda as he had family connections with Ely. There were very few buildings, but they included the Lygon Almshouses and the St James Convent, run by the Anglican sisters of Wantage as a home for penitent girls - and Craven Cottage! The parish had links with the convent until it closed in the 1930’s. There were few houses, mainly on the south side of Munster Road. Sadler Phillips began by leafleting these, and with a service in the Ironing room of the laundry [now the Courtyard] in Gowan Avenue to which some 20 people came. On completion, 120, Gowan Avenue was taken and services held on the top floor. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners made available the present site and in 1895, a Mission Hall was built whither services were transferred.

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