The History of St. Etheldreda with St. Clement, Fulham


Beginnings - Fulham, London's Market Garden

Before the coming of the railways, in the mid-nineteenth century Fulham remained much as it had been in the Middle Ages: a collection of small hamlets. The main occupation was in the market-gardens and orchards which supplied the ever-growing London four miles to the east

It had also been the country seat since Saxon times of the Bishops of London. Fulham Palace, set in a moat (filled in 1921), was much altered by the bishops down the ages to reach its present form. Abandoned by the Church Commissioners in 1974, it is now in the care of the local authority. From Bishop Frederick Temple, who said of St Etheldreda's, "I want a Cathedral at my gates', and became Archbishop of Canterbury; successive Bishops took a keen interest in the establishment and development of this parish.

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[More on Fulham generally and on the parish and area – history of Bishop’s Palace, development of Bishop’s Park and Crabtree Areas, Charing Cross Hospital, Lygon House, Craven Cottage, war graves  etc]

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