The History of St. Etheldreda with St. Clement, Fulham

Above: Consecration, 1958

St. Ethledreda


1956 - 1965: A new parish church - Work with the West Indian community


Fr George Fox arrived in September, and was instituted on the site of the new church, in the open air. He had previously been Rector and Archdeacon in the West Indies. It was his task to raise funds and to turn the architect's plans for the new parish church into a reality, which he did when the present church was consecrated on 18th October, 1958. His connections with the West Indies made the church a natural focus for the Bishop of London's work with the West Indian community under Canon John Hay.

Above: Consecration, 1958

Under the direction of Mrs Fox, the banners and many beautiful vestments were made and embroidered for the new church. A temporary parish room was erected pending modernisation and enlargement of the old hall. Not long before Fr. Fox left, St Etheldreda's was given pastoral care of St Clement's following Fr Young's retirement.

It can have caused little surprise when it was announced in 1965 that Fr Fox had been appointed Archdeacon of Wisbech and Vicar of Haddenham, where he remained until his early death in November 1978.

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